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Our story

Firstly, a huge thank you for trying to learn more about us! :)

We are a team of like-minded holistic healers based in Germany who wanted to provide our patients with the best method to heal themselves at home. We knew that the most effective method for them to do so was by Earthing.

The largest obstacle for our clients was finding the extra time and energy to spend walking barefoot on the ground for multiple hours each day. Also, that's almost impossible to do during the cold winters here in Germany. There had to be an easier way.

We wanted to create an Earthing product that was affordable, long-lasting, easy to use, and comfortable. The most important aspects for us were ease of use and affordability since most of our patients were in the higher age ranges.

Earthing products on the market were and are incredibly expensive to this day. Similar products sold by other companies still cost 2-3 the price of ours. Not to mention the customs fee you would have to pay to import them, as they are not available anywhere here in Europe.

All of this started just five years ago from a simple idea, and we can't believe we have grown so much and so fast. We now have over 15.000 happy customers worldwide, and the feedback we have gotten from them still melts our hearts to this day.

We have received hundreds and hundreds of heartwarming stories of people experiencing miraculous recovery from injuries and illnesses that medical professionals thought were impossible to cure. Healing has occurred from the simplest of issues to health problems that had been haunting people for their entire lives.

Our team has been practicing Earthing for almost two decades, and we are still astounded by the strength and the multitude of effects it has on the human body, emotional state, and the quality of life in general.

We suggest you watch the documentary available on our website, and after that, we wish to welcome you to our GROUNDED family!

Our entire team is sending love and healing your way! 💚

-The Grounding team